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The issue is mastitis, a painful infection of the breasts that affects some nursing women. The issue generally rears its head during the first few months, and in addition to sore, red breasts. Mastitis is usually caused by backed up milk in a section of the breast. This can progress to an infection if not treated. Delayed nipple wound healing, stress, chronic engorgement and persistent breast pain increase the risk of mastitis.

Mastitis Symptoms and Mastitis Treatment Posted on March 13, by Mamasim My sister’s dutch Kraamzorg (postnatal nurse) explained “If you have a baby sucking at your breast for most of the day and night, of course it’s going to hurt!”. Clogged milk ducts can cause mastitis, a breast infection. Breastfeeding women are most likely to get mastitis, although it can affect men and women who aren’t nursing. You may have a red, swollen, painful breast and flu-like symptoms. Antibiotics can treat the infection.

Lactational mastitis is usually seen on the upper part of the breast; this is where most of the breast tissue is. Periductal mastitis is when the ducts under the nipple are infected and inflamed. The symptoms of mastitis, (with mastitis help and treatment) usually only last about 5 days.