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Any compatible television or converter box should include a guide feature to display this information. How to Choose a Digital TV Antenna. To get free, over-the-air, HD TV, you need an antenna, which can be either outdoor-mounted or located indoors on top of your television. Sky digital, BSkyB, Freesat fringe reception help, Everything involved in receiving satellite TV signals outside the UK with special focus on signal strength & dish sizes for Astra 2D, Astra 1N, Astra 2E & Astra 2F free to air channels.

Jan 31,  · Amazon Digital and Device Forum United Kingdom This page shows you all the Fire TV related question in a single place and allows you to search across all things Fire TV. my screen is stuck on WHAT’S NEW ON FIRE TV-new vision accessibility feature. Alexa Remote Jennie Col September 1, at PM. Number of Views K Number of Likes. Discuss TV series here - this is a forum for discussion, spoilers etc of current and past TV shows. Television Discussion - Forums @ The Digital Fix The Digital Fix Home.

TV Forums. Get help buying and setting up your television and share your experiences of OLED, LED, LCD TVs from LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony & more. Picture Perfect TV setup guide. We help you set up your TV so that it looks better. Start here. Sub-forums: Picture Perfect Step 1;. TV Forum. Share tips and tricks with other AT&T TV customers. Ask a question. Categories (4) AT&T TV. Ask and answer all of your AT&T TV questions! DIRECTV. Find answers to common AT&T DIRECTV questions, 24X7. WatchTV. Download the WatchTV app and dive into your entertainment! U-verse TV.

digital spy, part of the hearst uk entertainment network © Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. Registered in . Television Industry / Channels and Providers For the discussion of the CRTC, the Canadian television industry, availability of Channels and for comparing various cable and satellite providers in Canada.

If the TV was seeing channels before, and you've verified the antannae still works with another TV, that does imply there is a component failure in the Open Air tuner. There are work arounds, but seeing as it sounds like you prefer the HD Digital signal, that puts us in a position of the TV requiring repair to get back to normal function.