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What to Look For in a Short Story for Adult ESL Students. Selecting short stories for adults is different from finding materials for children. Not that adults wouldn’t like the same content that children do, but rather you might lose their interest if the text is too easy. Jul 06,  · When it comes time to find a text for your next adult reading lesson, it can seem that everything you pick up is either Finnegan’s Wake or Charlotte’s Web, with none of the in-between that your students need texts—a lot of them—that are accessible in terms of language but which deal with adult content—well, not adult content, but, you know, something more adult .

Graded reading texts for upper intermediate and advanced students of English as a foreign language. Improve your English reading skills with these free short stories and graded reading texts on topics of general interest, selected for English language learners. The Working Experience is a series of three texts focusing on adult ESL students' working experiences in native countries and in the U.S. Fifteen short readings per book use work as a central theme. Titles include "My First Job", "A Working Mother," and more. Pre-reading activities and follow-up exercises develop vocabulary skills, expand.

A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about comparison, comparison. English ESL Worksheets This worksheet is contains a reminder on the ways of comparing as well as an exercise to practise. It is mostly suitable for intermediate 18, Downloads. IT'S.