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alcohol in older adults - Older mom & adult boy. #4

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include: Anxiety Raised blood pressure Sweating Insomnia Stomach issues Seizures Tremors Delirium Tremens (severe confusion). Older adults can experience a variety of problems from drinking alcohol, especially those who: • Take certain medications • Have health problems • Drink heavily.

Jan 15,  · The study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry reported that older adults with diagnosed alcohol use disorders had skyrocketed percent. Today more than 10 percent of adults 65 and older are binge drinkers, according to a study of nearly 11, U.S. adults published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Nov 20,  · Drinking alcohol can also aggravate co-occurring health conditions in older adults. Older people have a higher tendency for heart problems and stomach problems, such as ulcers, and drinking can make these worse. As mentioned, alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, meaning it slows down our nervous system.

Alcohol use in older adults Alcohol can act differently in older people than in younger people. As we get older, it takes longer for the body to break down alcohol. In addition, the amount of muscle in our body gradually goes down and the amount of fat in our body gradually goes up as we age. Ask your doctor about medicines that might help. ● Contact your local health department or social services agencies for help. ● Talk to a trained counselor who knows about alcohol problems in older adults. ● Choose individual, group, or family therapy, depending on what works for you. ● Join a step program like AA (Alcoholics Anony- mous) that offers support and programs for people who want to .