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adult woodshed parental discipline spanking - Domestic Lesbian Discipline

It was comforting, at least, that I had a set of cousins, the children of my mom’s sister, who also grew up in a spanking household and whose parents shared the same views on it as my parents did. There were six kids in that house: My cousin, Judith, known as Judi, was a couple months older than me. From a spankee’s perspective if you’re consenting to a punishment spanking to improve behavior and/or attitude, it SHOULD be something that will be effective and last for a good month or two. I know it does for me. It only took a couple trips to the woodshed to realize that it is something to avoid if possible.

Grandparents recommend spanking and other physical punishments to their children to help grandchildren behave, and teachers send notes home to parents suggesting that a good spanking might straighten out Little Johnny's behavior. In some cases, the spanking may be administered by the teacher right there in the middle of the classroom. This is as good as non-consensual spankings get. Smoking hot, so very full of herself, she gets thrown on the bed, her panties ripped down, and then she gets a very real whipping on her bare ass with a belt. Again, acting, of course. But no true spanking enthusiast can deny, this is a wonderful scene. Imagine if this weren’t a movie.

Now as an adult, the belt is one of the most used implements. Ours is a doubled strip of 2 inch wide leather quite thick and attached to a wood handle. Cheeks and thighs get it long and hard until they are crimson red and I am shedding tears. The method of pausing for a bit then spanking for a second offense has also been used here. Beyond the comedy quips a discussion about marital spanking talked about the pros and cons of the being taken to the woodshed. The main aim (traditionally anyway) was to keep the discipline form disturbing the house. Brenda suggested that with an extended family she was always grateful when her husband ‘handled things’ in the out buildings.