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A vacation in Thailand can be as inexpensive as a trip to California, Hawaii, the Caribbean, or any of the other usual top destinations for Americans. It may even cost less, or at the least, you'll get nicer rooms and more memorable experiences for the same amount of money spent. Sex Vacations for Couples Package. Spice up your vacation! For couples that desire something a little more from visiting Thailand than just the beach! We’ve put together a package that provides entertainment, fun and relaxation for couples. Its safe and clean and gives you the opportunity to explore the wilder side of your relationship in a.

Jun 05,  · If that isn’t enough reason to vacation in Thailand, then there are a lots of other activities for you to enjoy. Thailand has great golfing, windsailing, elephant trekking, scuba diving, fishing, trike riding along with wonderful palaces and other site seeing opportunities. Vacations in Thailand are so hard to plan as there's just too much to do! So, escorted tours in Thailand are a great place to start. Here, you're set up with a plan of action; a schedule to follow during your vacation. So, it makes life much easier, and you don't have as much to worry about.

Apr 10,  · I was reading a somewhat long-winded article discussing the reasons why people are compelled to travel for sex, and in particular, why they travel to Thailand, especially Pattaya for sex. This wasn’t a critical article, it was more of an in-depth social study intent on finding the factors which contribute to a persons desire, or need to.