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adult soft spots on skull - Wartenberg Wheel On Her Soft Spots

I am an adult female and I have just noticed a tender sunken in soft spot on top of my head I don t know how it got there. It s kinda freaking me out. It s kinda freaking me out. My head does hurt a lil. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common symptom combinations and medical conditions related to sunken soft spot on top of head. Click on .

Answer As you indicate, the so-called 'soft spot' on the head is more typically associated with newborn infants and not adults! In your case, we can say with certainty that whatever you are feeling is not the result of your skull bones having yet to fuse (what gives babies that soft spot). That occasional tender spot on your head can have different causes other than trauma or injury. “It’s happened to most of us,” begins Marc I. Leavey, MD, a primary care physician with plus years of experience. “You are brushing your hair or having a shampoo or rest your head back on a chair, and that spot .

The skin overlying the skull can be indented to give the impression of a soft spot although the bones themselves may remain strong. i have a soft spot on my head that is very tender feeling. i have bad headaches at times, and i feel that the soft spot gets worse at times. i have had a mri done and they found nothing. but i want to know is am i in danger in the long run or is treatable and what causes this soft spot. if they found nothing then why is it there and what caused it.

Hard bump on head surrounded by soft spots in adult. Soft spot adult. Toenail soft spots. I am an adult and have 2 soft spots that appeared on my head. Adult head size. Head abnormality adult. Soft heart murmur in adults. Mongolian spots in adults. White spots on soft palate. Soft spots in adults can appear on side and their function is to support the skull in avoiding injuries.