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Zap Skimboards is one of the most established and recognizable names in skimboarding, building boards for hundreds of thousands of riders all over the world since Yet with all of that success we’ve managed to stay grounded. We’re still just a small group of craftsman, artists, and dreamers who handmake every boar. Sep 17,  · The Skipper by South Bay Board Co. is the perfect skimboard for kids, teenagers, and lightweight adults weighing up to pounds. With a tear-drop shape and a longer template, it is great for switch and backside riding and performance-focused tricks and maneuvers.

Huge variety of Zap Skimboards, Victoria & Exile. Skimboard Packages, Travel Bags, Traction Pads & Accessories. Get Free Shipping on all Skimboards! South Bay Board Co. - Performance Wooden Skim Board Skimboard (The Skipper) with Textured Wax-Free Foam Top Deck for Kids, Teenagers, and Lightweight Adults.

With skimboarding, the greatest danger to you is the board itself. Both foam and wood boards can be very hard and cause serious bruises. There is also the possibility of spraining a joint or breaking bones when you fall on the shore. However, no safety gear is required to skimboard.