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I've been catching my son, who is 12, playing with his feces after he has used the bathroom. He will reach into the toliet and touch it, break it apart, etc. I'm not % what all he is doing with it, but at least he's not smearing it around the room which I guess is the only blessing in this. Tonight I walked into the bathroom and he's sitting. I have always had a fascination with poop. As as child I’d pick my butt and play the old “smell my finger” with family members. I always got spanked for it, but I still did it anyway. I would even wipe a little bit on the wall if there was excess poop on my finger. I am 20 and will turn 21 here in a few days and to this day I still love.

i recently performed protected anal sex with a man. AFTER 2 MINUTES I REMOVED MY PENIS WITH CONDOM, TOUCHED IT AND REALIZED IT HAD FECES ALL OVER. I WASHED MY HANDS AND REMOVED THE CONDOM. Coprophilia (from Greek κόπρος, kópros—"excrement" and φιλία, philía—"liking, fondness"), also called scatophilia or scat (Greek: σκατά, skatá—"feces"), is the paraphilia involving sexual arousal and pleasure from feces.

To reduce the chance of fecal smearing in adults with dementia, you should try to inspire a supervised play with sticky or soft substances. For example, playing with bread dough, shaving cream, or clay can help individuals alleviate that need for handling their feces and give them a different thing to focus on with a similar consistency. With involuntary encopresis, a person has no control over elimination of feces from the bowel. The feces is semi-soft to almost liquid, and it leaks into clothing without the person making any effort to expel it. Leakage usually occurs during the day when the person is active, and ranges from infrequent or almost continuous.

Playing With Feces. Source(s): 1 0. Nobody. 10 years ago. I forget the name for it. It is a response to severe trauma and abuse, and sexual abuse. Do not hesitate to seek competent professional help. Not all therapists are created equal and make sure the one you choose has in-depth (more than a scattered handful of.