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Mean scores for both men and women are quite low and are about the same or lower than they were 12 years ago when literacy skills of US adults were first measured (NALS, ). When adults with low-level literacy develop basic reading, communication, math, and digital skills, they can better fulfill their roles as citizens, workers, and family members. OUR PROGRAMS. Reach One. Teach One. You have the power to make a difference in the life of someone in your community by becoming an adult literacy tutor. The READ.

U.S.-born adults make up two-thirds of adults with low levels of English literacy skills in the United States. 5 However, the non-U.S. born are over-represented among such low-skilled adults. Non-U.S.-born adults comprise 34 percent of the population with low literacy skills, compared to 15 percent of the total population (figure 2). FIGURE 3. In , the issue of adult literacy was highlighted in Illiterate America, a best-selling book by Jonathan Kozol. The book pointed out that most estimates placed at 20 to 25 the percentage of Americans reading and writing below the level needed to function in the society.

Health Literacy It is estimated between $–$ billion in health care costs a year are linked to low adult literacy skills. Adults with limited health literacy are hospitalized and use emergency services at significantly higher rates than those with higher skills. 5 Cost of Low Literacy. Sep 09,  · The average annual income of adults who are at the minimum proficiency level for literacy (Level 3) is nearly $63,, significantly higher than the average of roughly $48, earned by adults Author: Michael T. Nietzel.

Adult Low-Level Literacy Curriculum Modules Use these curriculum modules with your low-level literacy students, including those with intellectual disabilities, in Adult Basic Education, Special Education and Rehabilitation, and Workforce Learning! Are you searching for curriculum for Beginning ABE readers: Who are at different ability levels? Nov 01,  · The higher the proportion of adults with low literacy proficiency is, the slower the overall long-term GDP growth rate is; The difficulty understanding societal issues lowers the level of .