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Dec 05,  · One of the more distinct Fantastic Four looks, the Earth's Greatest Heroes costume is quite different from the original design. The torso area is white and comes to a point, and the lower half of the body is a darker blue. The collar and shoulder area is a different blue and also contains the "4" emblem. Fantastic Four Costumes The Fantastic Four is a fictional superhero team appearing in comic books published by Marvel Fantastic Four Costumes is very hot in the provide some styles of The Fantastic Four superhero costumes. it's very elastic and tight,very Comfortable and Cool.

Jan 15,  · Here's a breakdown of the Fantastic Four's costumes since their start in Fantastic Four: Every Costume Ever | Marvel By The Numbers. It’s important to point out that while Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben will always be the iconic Fantastic Four, that roster has only been in place for about 63% of in-continuity comic appearances Author: Walt Hickey. We make great spandex Fantastic Four costumes for adult and kid. We offer wigs and boots too. About Us We are professional superhero costume store In China. You can choose the superhero costume (such as spiderman costume) that we offer, or you can provide your own style for us, we accept custom-made superhero costumes. Not only that, if the.