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Johnny Test Porn Fanfic by HotSexyFace reviews. This is a sex story about Johnny Test and his sisters. I will upload lots of chapters so make sure to check them all out and write a review. Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: - Reviews: 32 - Favs: Cartoons Johnny Test. Follow/Fav Acting Off. By: devilnightking Something I came up with after watching the show and reading some fanfic. Hope you enjoy, even though this story type's been done to death. Hell, I'VE written this sort of story before. Still, it's a good prompt to run with and before anyone asks, no this hasn't happened to.

Aug 28,  · Just announcing I have posted Chapter 14 of my Johnny Test Adult Fan Fiction. This is A follow up to vic elor's Fanfic "Johnny and the Limit". In this story, both Johnny and his sisters are a year older (12 and 15, respectively). It takes place before vic elor's final chapter, filling in the gap. Johnny Test is declared missing and the family is surprised to find Johnny in another city going crazy, yelling about how nothing mattered anymore because he was dying. Nobody takes him seriously until his Time clock is up. However, with death comes Life.

Feb 19,  · Right now, I am seeing if anyone is up for making a Johnny Test fanfic. I want it to mostly be incest, but I, also, want to include a few of the female characters mention in the show. I do require everyone to be featured in their original age, portrayed in the show, ie, Johnny is 10, Susan and Mary are 13, etc. Johnny is going through puberty and his sisters want to test a new energy field that makes those of the opposite gender attracted to the host but when it was tested on Johnny,it was supercharged and now every attractive female including his mom and sisters want Johnny.(Summary and story idea from Voideye story 'Voideye's challenges')(Johnny x .