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Hartford Adult Education provides a variety of education programs for working adults. It assists adult learners in English language proficiency. It also assists the adult learners in secondary education completion and the acquisition of skills needed for postsecondary opportunities.4/5(1). WELCOME TO THE UCONN ADULT LEARNING PROGRAM. I f you're a retiree interested in ke eping your mind stimulated through ongoing education, you're in the right place. It's exactly what we do. If you haven't bee n here before, just click on this link to lear n about the ALP organization and how you can become a member. It's not hard and it's not.

Continuing Education in West Hartford believes that lifelong learning contributes to personal fulfillment and positive community engagement. Our LifeLearn program offers educational opportunities for West Hartford residents and neighboring community members. The West Hartford Adult Education program provides opportunities for adults to improve their English (ESOL), improve basic skills (ABE), earn a high school diploma, or attain citizenship (CIT). These mandated adult education programs are free to adults 17 and older who live in West Hartford and are no longer enrolled in a public school.

West Hartford LifeLearn offers over forty courses for "get ahead" credit for retaking a course due to a low grade during the school year. Also offered are year-round courses for students, such as Yoga for Teens, Self Awareness for Young Adults, SAT Preparation classes and more. View K Summer Online Catalog ›. Adult Education. Page 1 of 1 Adult Education Directory and Registration A directory of adult education providers compiled by the State Department of Education, Bureau of Health/Nutrition, and Family Services and Adult Education.

West Hartford Adult Education August 10, · We look forward to seeing new and returning students in fall classes for English and adult basic education, as well as high school diploma programs. Adult education classes for Fall will begin the week of September /5. About Us Learn new personal and professional skills online in West Hartford, CT! While your goals can range from career development through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge to personal enrichment aimed at a hobby or fulfilling a passion, continual education is essential to all aspects of life.

The Adult Education Center is the offical GED Test Center for the City of Hartford. The current GED Test is computer-based.