3 girls playing 040115 1700 - adult education great britain in the late 1700s


adult education great britain in the late 1700s - 3 girls playing 040115 1700

Education from 's to 's Timeline created by Mohammed Ali Haider. In History. Jan 1, Realising the importance of education After the industrial revolution there was a need for educated and experienced workers so schools were introduced so that children and adults could get education and better jobs in future. There was a need for. History of Adult Education in Great Britain from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century (2nd ed. ). Knight, C. The Making of Tory Education Policy in Post-War Britain (). Lawson, John; Harold Silver (). A social history of education .

Some boys would go on to university after leaving school. In the s, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge were increasingly filled with pupils from upper class backgrounds, whereas formerly there had been more middle class boys there. The university curriculum was still very much dominated by the classics. Education during the Industrial Revolution. In the s, formal education became available even to the poorest people. Schools. Before the s, education .

Education, up until the late 17th century, was only available to those in the upper class. When education was offered to more social classes, the literacy rate increased. In England specifically, the literacy rate during the s was about 30 percent for males, and by the midth century it rose to 60 percent.3/5(11).