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Introduction. Strabismus occurs relatively commonly in adults, with an estimated incidence of ∼4% in the USA.1 If an adult develops strabismus after visual maturity (∼9 years of age), they will typically have diplopia. This presentation often occurs as the result of extraocular muscle paresis secondary to head injury, neurological disease, orbital fracture or Graves orbitopathy. A: As an adult with strabismus, you may have been told in the past that nothing can be done. This is simply not true. In most cases, eye muscle surgery is a successful, safe, and effective treatment for strabismus in adults of all ages. The good news is that it is never too late for surgery.

Strabismus is the term used to describe any misalignment of the eyes in which the eyes fail to work in tandem to focus on and track objects correctly. While strabismus is a common pediatric eye condition, it can also affect adults, causing them to experience somewhat different symptoms and impacts compared to younger patients. Some adults with strabismus were born with the condition. It may have first appeared when they were children, but corrected itself as they matured. The risk of adult strabismus increases with age, so the condition can reappear when a person gets older.

New strabismus that develops in an adult can result from many diverse conditions including thyroid eye disease, stroke or tumors. Sometimes, aging has caused a change in the soft tissue surrounding the eye that results in strabismus in the elderly, or there is no identifiable cause. Is eye straightening as an adult strictly cosmetic? Nov 16,  · Strabismus that occurs during adulthood may be caused by conditions such as Graves disease, stroke, head injury, or eye injury. In some cases, the cause of strabismus may be unknown. What are the signs and symptoms of strabismus? An eye that wanders or turns in, out, down, or up.

Oct 05,  · If an adult has new-onset strabismus, it is typically the result of a disease process or trauma. “There are myriad causes of adult strabismus, and the treatment often relates to the cause,” says Stephen P. Christiansen, MD, from Boston University School of Medicine. “It’s not uncommon for childhood strabismus to reappear in adults. However, older children and even adults can develop strabismus. The sudden appearance of strabismus, especially with double vision, in an older child or adult could indicate a more serious neurologic disorder. If this happens, call your doctor immediately.