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"OCD" is one of those terms that some people misuse as a way to describe people who like things super-clean or arranged just so. But if you have the actual condition that’s obsessive-compulsive. OCD often centers around certain themes — for example, an excessive fear of getting contaminated by germs. To ease your contamination fears, you may compulsively wash your hands until they're sore and chapped. If you have OCD, you may be ashamed and embarrassed about the condition, but treatment can be effective.

While CBT is the initial treatment for compulsive hand washing in children and adolescents, medication may be used for those who do not respond to therapy alone. A combination of CBT and medication is typically used in adults with OCD. minutes before washing your hands, and wash for 1 minute instead of 3 minutes. Try to gradually prolong the delay, so that you can eventually resist the compulsion altogether. iv. Re-exposure. If you do end up performing a compulsion, try to re-expose yourself to the same feared situation immediately, and repeat the practice until.

A person suffering with OCD may obsess about germs or safety, and find relief from the associated anxiety only when performing rituals such as repetitive hand washing or ritualistic locking and unlocking of doors. If you suspect you might have obsessive-compulsive disorder, take this screener test to determine whether your symptoms warrant a visit to a trained health . Sep 14,  · The purpose of this exercise is to reduce the time we take to wash our hands towards a normal baseline. A couple minutes rather than an hour of repetitive hand washing that includes a bottle of bleach. You’ll still wash your hands on a regular basis but not so it controls you. Remember to use your imagination.

Patients with compulsive hand washing perform excessive and repetitive washing of their hands in an attempt to relieve severe distress associated with obsessive and irrational fears of contamination. Repeated hand washing often causes marked skin changes of the hands or exacerbates pre-existing skin conditions. Nov 20,  · Obsessive fear of germs or dirt and the compulsion to wash the hands over and over is one of the most common manifestations of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). For people who suffer from OCD, hand washing goes well beyond a concern with cleanliness. It is extreme behavior whose real purpose is to lessen intense feelings of fear and anxiety.

Aug 20,  · Symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder can range from uncontrollable thoughts to excessive hand washing. Treating these symptoms can be challenging, often taking months. But a new treatment for OCD offers the possibility that symptoms can be reduced or eliminated in eight or fewer weekly sessions lasting about 15 minutes each. May 03,  · “Just because you like things orderly and wash your hands a little bit more than the average person doesn’t mean you have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),” says Jon Abramowitz, PhD, director of.