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As far as federal student aid is concerned, the steps are pretty much the same for adults as for younger students: fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA ®) form and then keep in touch with the college or career school about receiving the aid. Still, you might find that adults have unique questions about federal student aid. May 17,  · Student Loans. Student Loans – Federal web site which serves as a portal of information about student loans and the process that needs to be followed. Federal Direct Loans – Useful page which outlines how the direct loan for students work to finance colleges. Student Loans – Guide for students looking to learn more about the student loan Author: Jennifer Wadia.

Financial assistance for graduate students is offered, and the graduate student financial aid application process is the same as undergraduate. Additional information regarding financial aid basics, applying for scholarships, tax benefits, student loan repayment, graduate financial aid, and much more can be found on the NASFAA website. Myths and Facts About Federal Student Aid MYTH: Adult students fall outside the age requirements to receive federal student aid. FACT: There is no age limit. Almost everyone is eligible for some type of federal student aid, including federal student loans. MYTH: It costs money to apply for federal student aid. FACT: Applying is free at fafsa.